50 years of passion for integrated service chains & Rock'n'Roll

Meanwhile we have been actively involved in the music industry for a period of over 50 years and look back over a long tradition of cooperating with major labels, the independent music industry and market leaders in the audio book segment.

 At the outset in 1958 there was the vinyl record, today arvato >>ENTERTAINMENT is the market leader in the field of CD production in Europe. As an internationally connected outsourcing provider we offer our customers integrated service from one single source. Our focus here is particularly on the development of customer-specific processing solutions. To meet the individual needs of our customers, we are trying continuously to improve our service portfolio with optimised processes and the introduction of new service ideas. We offer a wide service package for the music and audio book industry, starting with the product development, continuing with the production and extending to the distribution of the finished product - from the planning of the first edition via the print provision to vendor management inventory (VMI) solutions – from archiving via digitization and extending to digital content distribution – from the web shop-solution via the D2C distribution and on to call centres – from BPO offers such as first edition coordination via copyright management to financial services.

Our services have always been designed to suit our markets and customers. We make a firm promise to our customers to support them in becoming even more successful.


Jörg Pollmeyer

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State-of-the-art: The integrated supply-chain management solution.