Are you willing to outsource your physical archive? Arvato Entertainment is able to execute the entire management of your archive. We provide optimal conditions (temperature, humidity, fire protection and access control) to ensure your assets are protected at the highest level.

We can also take care of your digital archive. Here, your content is stored on high performance tape robot systems. To guarantee a maximum level of security, we can back up your data on two nearline copies (in separate buildings) and one offline copy. This ensures that the danger of data loss is kept to an absolute minimum.

Physical archive:

  • Over 1 million assets
  • Over 80 formats
  • Over 25 km (15.5 miles) of shelf space
  • Optimal archiving conditions
  • Highest security standards

Digital archive:

  • 2x Sun Storage Tech SL 8500
  • Triple copies (2x Nearline, 1x Offl ine)
  • Freely extendable
  • Storage in different locations